O1 ECO is a Standard ML N2O implementation. Standard ML (SML) is a certified language with formally defined operational semantics. Here is yet simple CML loop with INetSock.TCP spawned acceptors. Simple enough to handle N2O protocols inside the TCP server. O1 ECO provides basic WebSocket connectivity and basic application server (N2O). The unique feature of SML implementation is that O1 ECO is implemented in verified language.


O3 ECO introduces N2O protocols for Haskell programming language. It includes full implementation of Nitrogen Web Framework (NITRO) in Haskell along with HTML example (SAMPLE) driven by WebSocket and static HTTP servers (N2O).


O7 ECO defines ecosystem, a full-stack specification and implementation for banking, messaging and platform development. It specifies the way to scale applications, protocols, processes, services, and storage. Ready for high-speed, low-latency MQTT, TCP, QUIC, UDP, and WebSocket applications this version of N2O ECO provides: business process management (BPE), Nitrogen web framework (NITRO), WebSocket and MQTT connectivity (N2O), REST framework, fast and simple package manager (MAD), type-driven BERT parser generator for API development, scalable data storage (KVX), and many more.